Friday, May 16, 2008

7 habits of highly effective men

I'm writing this one from eeepc - really funny feeling, feels bit like trying to open the door through the keyhole (from the other side, obviously :) and the real pc is left at the office by the human - who spent a good half of the evening exercising his throat, trying to get under the Purple Rain, also he was Chasing Cars and trying to express his feelings towards someone name Ruby - I have no clue who that person is, but he was trying really hard... it was entertaining to watch. Nonetheless, there's whole 3 weeks before the show, so he will sort the things out.

So, about being a decent man... Tiessa writes about her opinion of 7 habits a man should have - and i figured i'd take a note for myself as well as write some things on the side.

7) Pick up the dirty socks off the bedroom floor.

good that this is the last one in order. gonna be the toughest one. try to plan the house so the washing machine is not far from the bedroom so you can sneakingly drop them there later on - after all, they'll complain anyway if you go to the washing machine during the most precious moment. I suspect it is an RFP check item to fend off those they could not get rid of by other means.

6) Put the cap back on the toothpaste tube.

ahha, now i know why they invented the snap-on caps (which are actually pretty hard to NOT put back on. if you manage to buy a toothpaste which has detachable cap - you deserve your destiny.

5) Clean the sink after shaving.

shave in the shower. besides the irreplaceable experience of blind shaving, all the annoying details are taken care of automagically. cleaning the short pieces of hair off the sink is a pretty boring experience - there's always something left.

4) Know how to use a mop.

which one.... note: educate myself on that part about the dice retrieval. looks pretty unuseful, but hey, who knows - maybe one day it saves the life...

3) Carry shopping bags for more than 20 minutes without whining.

the shops have parkings, as well as trolleys. plan and manage the shop routing accordingly, so the heavy stuff is in the very end (it's typically food). the "things" are usually voluminous, but light. in order to minimize the amount of this, plan the shopping such that it is shortly before the closing hours - or shop more frequently. the remote shopping villages in the middle of nowhere are very good. you can get her to buy something-or-two-versace, and you've got a lead in the shopping management for the rest of the month. somehow they like those, so it's a no-brainer. just remember: the food store is the *last* place in the supermarket to visit.

2) Ask for directions before we are late for the event.

get a GPS. know the address. tell the time of the event 30-40 minutes in advance of the real one - this way you will be always on time and won't have to shrug when asked where have you been. the delta might need careful adjustment - the only thing worse than being late for the event is being early for it. if you are early indeed - pray for a good weather, and suggest a walk. neer ask for directions - the folks around don't have a clue anyway, it will only make her angry that you were not able to find an appropriate person to help.
if you follow the wrong directions - it's your fault. a decent car in addition to the GPS is a very good plus - it's being looked at. possible theory: in connection to item 3 above. but a good car is an advantage even with no additional variables in the equation.

1) Cunnilingus

the jury does not have any objections on this item and nods emphatically.


Peter Stindberg said...

/me nods in approval to shower-shaving

Tiessa said...

The problem with the snap on caps is that men still fail to close the little "flippy bit".

As far as shopping bags are concerned. I find it amazing that guys complain about walking around carrying the bags and how hard it is, *I'm* the one wearing high heels the whole time we are shopping. You have on comfortable shoes.

Dalien said...


actually squeezing the flippy bit to complete closure with a comfortable "click" is if not the most fun in the whole process. :)

about the bags - even though i prefer to avoid the dilemma altogether, i can imagine it could actually be quite a stimulating activity, assuming the roleplay is done just right - but i won't go into this - if even you notice this as an obstacle, this is something unfixable, so be it :)

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